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Kitchen Guidance

Kitchen Guidance

How to Pan Sear a Steak

Have I ever tried to cook a steak? To be honest – No, but I’m (almost positive) I’d never be able to make them as good as my husband.

Since we live in an apartment, we have to make our steaks with our stovetop. (Before you chime in and say ‘you could use a small grill in your parking lot’ – we have; however, that grill broke and we haven’t gotten a new one yet). 

Let me tell you – cooking a steak (or steaks) on your stovetop is no easy task, but over the years Jon has been doing some research to find the perfect way to cook them. We think we finally have it!

Hint: Your steak has to be 1 1/2 inches to 1 3/4 inches to do the following – otherwise it might turn out dry (and you don’t want that!) 

When we cook our steaks we use a beautiful cast iron pan that we bought a couple of years back. To start off, we set our oven to broil (high) and let it heat up.  Once it’s all nice and toasty in the oven, we place our cast iron pan in there (after rubbing the inside of the pan with olive oil) for 20 minutes.

While your pan is in the oven, season your steak! We like to use olive oil, onion salt, and garlic salt to season our steaks, but sometimes we mix it up!

After 20 minutes, take your pan out of the oven and put it on your stovetop over high heat. Next, sear your steak (30 seconds on each side). Once seared, place your pan in the oven and let your steak cook 3 minutes on each side. Remember: Time is of the essence! You want to try to get your steak in the oven as soon as your done searing! 

Then you’re done! (and in my eyes will have the perfect steak!) Of course, depending on your cut and your preferences you may want to add more or less time. Jon and I like our steaks medium. With this method they’re slightly underdone, but so juicy and good!

How do you cook your steaks when you’re not using a grill? Any tips or tricks?


Kitchen Guidance

How to Cut Onions Without Crying

The reality of cutting onions is – you’re more than likely going to cry.

I don’t just cry when I cut onions – I ugly cry (and usually I end up pacing my kitchen telling myself “you’re almost done – just get through it.”)

I’ve done a ton of research on different things you can do to prevent yourself from crying while cutting an onion.

Here are some of the things I found you could do:

  1. Light a candle near you
  2. Put the onion under running water and cut
  3. Put the onion in the fridge/freezer before cutting
  4. Cut while holding your tongue to the roof of your mouth

& countless more.

Some of the above tips actually did help; however, none left my eyes completely dry (I do realize that’s going to be hard to do).

What’s the best (and most convenient) option I found? Wear Ski Goggles!

I’ve only gone skiing once in my life and that was an epic fail. I had these goggles lying around and one night while cutting an onion I thought to myself “hey these could help.” Boy, did they. If you put on the goggles before you even cut into the onion, your eyes wont get watery at all. The same would work with swimming goggles since they are tight against your face.

You may look silly, but ski goggles work!


Kitchen Guidance

AnyList: Grocery Shopping Made Easy

I’m one of those “old fashioned” people who writes everything down – and by writing everything down I mean literally writing everything down.

Yes, that means I write out my to-do list every day on paper. It’s just the way I roll.

But when it comes to grocery shopping – I was really struggling with this “old fashioned” method. I seemed to always forget a pen.

Isn’t that a giant pain? Nothing worse than not being able to check anything off your list!

 That’s when my fiance introduced me to AnyList.

The app has changed my grocery shopping experience for the better.

Each Sunday, I go through all the recipes I’m planning on making for the week and insert the ingredients I need in my AnyList Grocery List. The app is great in the fact that you can add notes under the ingredients (and even photos!) so you’ll always ensure you get the proper amount or right brand.  You can also cross everything off your list with a simple click on the ingredient (no more scrambling to find a pen).

What I love most about AnyList is that you can share your list with someone. So, naturally, my fiance and I share our grocery list.

This makes EVERYTHING so much easier. When we go to the store together he’s not constantly running back to me to see what he should grab next – he’s got it all right on his phone.

It also saves the dreaded “I’m going to the store – do you need anything” text. Since you (and anyone you share the list with) can update the list constantly.

If you haven’t checked out the app – you really should. It’s a game changer. Check it out here.

*No sponsored post/compensation here. This is my own personal review because I love this product so much.