RECIPE: Slow Cooker Beef & Broccoli

If you would have asked me 1o years ago if broccoli would be one of my favorite veggies, I would have told you you’re absolutely nuts.

My parents can attest that any veggie was my enemy. Truth is, I grew up absolutely hating veggies.

As an adult, I’ve learned the value of veggies and shockingly just how good they can be.

When I started experimenting with broccoli, my now husband told me I should try ‘Beef and Broccoli.’ So we made a deal  – the next time we ordered Chinese food we would try some.

I fell in love with it. Jon had always been a fan of it, but it’s beef and broccoli that helped make broccoli one of my favorite veggies!

So naturally, when I was looking for a good meal prep meal for the week I looked for something that would include broccoli. That’s when this My Fussy Eater ‘Beef and Broccoli’ recipe magically appeared in my Facebook feed. Don’t you just love when that happens? 

Ironically, the day before I found this recipe I had just purchased a rice cooker/slow cooker/steamer on Amazon. This recipe would allow me to test it out – so I had to try it!

It was SUPER simple – it just takes a little time. All you need to do is take a handful of ingredients including (but not limited too) onions, flank steak, soy sauce into your slow cooker. Now it’s time to let your slow cooker take care of the rest! Cook on high for 3 hours or on low for 4-5 hours. When time runs out, you’ll take some “juices” and add corn starch – throw it back in the slow cooker and cook for 30 additional minutes.

While your beef is cooking, you can make rice and steam your broccoli (I made both in in my new rice cooker which BTW was absolutely AMAZING. It made PERFECT RICE – you know how hard that is?) Anyways, you can buy it here if you’d like!

This is the final product. Need I say more?

I wish I would tell you how amazing it was, but to be honest my husband ate the whole first batch I made because it was so good. He said it’s even better than getting it from a restaurant because it tastes so fresh! (Isn’t that the truth with most homemade things ;)).

Anyways, he asked me to make it again for this week’s meal prep but DOUBLE the recipe. So last night, I was able to try it. It was just as he had described – OUT OF THIS WORLD.

Check out the full recipe on My Fussy Eater.

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